10 “Green” Furniture Companies (well, actually 11 :)…..

by Sabina Maier Smith

Good Design constructed with renewable materials – without sacraficing style or color!

~ Domino magazine 2007

ciscobrothers.com Its “Inside Green” collection offers modern, handcrafted upholstered
sofas, chairs and ottomans made of pure, chemical-free latex and sustainabley
harvested wood. Made locally right here in SF!

furnature.com An extensive line of classic sofas and other upholstered pieces, all
available in chemical-free wood finishes and organic fabrics. Plus, crib mattresses
produced from orgainic cotton. Located in Massachusetts.

leeindustries.com The “Natural Lee” package includes furniture with frames constucted
from Sustainable Forestry Initiative wood, armrest padding from reclaimed fibers and
water-based finishes. Located in North Carolina.

palecek.com For more than 30 years, this company has relied only on renewable
natural sources like wicker, rattan, hardwood, grasses and bamboo. Located in
Richmond, CA 🙂

qcollection.com Launched by an interior designer and an environmentalist, this high-
end line boasts well-researched eco-friendly materials, finishes and even
biodegradable textiles! I especially love the case goods, crafted from sustainable
woods. Located in NY.

vivavi.com Find cool, contemporary furniture and accessories by such hot green
designers as Lannone Sanderson, Material Furniture and Mio Culture. Also located in

the following resources are companies which I worked with will managing Eco Design
Resources, a “green” home improvement showroom which used to be located in San
Carlos, CA (it’s now located in Redwood City, CA).

woodshanti.com This SF based, worker owned cooperative builds high quality custom
furniture and cabinetry from responsibly harvested lumber and uses natural finishes.

thewoodenduck.com This Berkeley company specializes in furniture made from
recycled wood. It also imports & restores antiques from Indonesia, Europe and China.

bamboocabinets.com AlterECO creates unique and beautiful custom bamboo cabinets,
made with ecologically responsible materials. Tom, the owner (a super nice guy), even
has birdsong as his cell pone’s ringtone 🙂 AlterECO currently serves only our local San
Francisco Bay Area. They are located in Sausalito.
Sabina Maier Smith

pacificrimwoodworking.com This company hand crafts solid maple furniture from well
managed forests and then finishes them with beeswax and tung oil. My 2 year old sons
each sleep and jump and jump and jump in a Pacific Rim crib on a daily basis… these
puppies are built to last!

whitmcleod.com This company creates hand crafted furniture from reclaimed
materials. Their folding wine barrell chairs are especially cool. They are located just
north of us in Arcata, CA.

Happy sustainable shopping and blessings,


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