Green Roofs and Living Walls

by Maia Holliday


The Resource Portal for Green Roofs

This is just what it touts itself to be: a portal to all things concerning green roofs. Included are: Forums / In the News / Upcoming Events / Classifieds / Students / Market Place / Research Links /Projects / TV / Greenroofs 101 / Directory

I knew next to nothing about the subject, (even though I’m a landscape contractor), before cruising this site. After a quick perusal of this website, I now know how much I’d want to deeply research this technology before I recommended it to a client or did my own roof.

There are enough pros and cons to require careful consideration to the question of its appropriateness to each site and whether the homeowner is the type of person who would be willing to monitor the plant materials and their needs over time. It’s not like roofing a house with conventional materials and then walking away without a care except for gutter maintenance. It’s alive and growing.

Green roofs are very beautiful and have many ecological benefits, some of the most important one: being, water holding sponges during large storm events and reducing the need for air conditioning in the summer and heating in the winter. Check out Greenroofs 101 on the site to get the lowdown on the up high.


I had no idea that vertical or wall gardens were going up all over the world until I happened upon this website while researching green roofs.

The slide show of these fascinating, botanical works of art had me melting into the monitor. They are stunningly beautiful.

The inventor of this particular technology is a French botanist named Patrick Blanc. He designs vertical structures on indoor and outdoor walls and other vertical surfaces, that hold soil-less growing medium, irrigation and plants.

The indoor designs combat sick building syndrome in the loveliest way imaginable. The outdoor designs have some of the same benefits as green roofs: insulation against cold and excessive heat and oxygenating chemical-laden urban air. It looks like there’s no stopping this trend. Cities all over the world will look more and more like Hobbit towns.


I’m not going to list which companies are the best for doing these installations. The answer to that question depends upon what type of roof or wall you need and who is available in your area to make it happen. I advise you to contact several contractors in your area. The technology varies quite a bit as do the planting designs. A contractor should provide references and a tour of some of their designs.

You should also look up the business on the applicable contractor website for your state to make sure that the business is current with it’s licenses, bonding and insurance. Before any work begins make sure you have a contract that stipulates the details of the work to be done, a list of materials, start and finish dates and guarantees. Happy Greening!


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