April 3, 2008


by Allison Ayer


Safecoat Acrylacq is a clear, high gloss, water based replacement for high solvent content lacquer. It is hard and durable with superior resistance to stains, marring and fingerprint marks. Also available in satin.


(from an article about death and injury to workers on the floor finishing industry, specifically in immigrant populations)

Consultation with experts in the industry showed that lacquer sealers are not even necessary for finishing floors and that most U.S.-born finishers in Massachusetts avoid using them because they are so dangerous. Adding to the problem is the lack of information to notify workers and consumers on the risks of using these lacquers.

Besides the fire hazard from using lacquer sealers and a few other flammable products, health problems can result from exposures to vapors from the solvents in certain floor finishes. After further investigation, the group learned that there are alternatives to these “solvent-based” or “oil-based” finishes. The substitutes are made mostly of water. A series of laboratory test conducted by the Toxics Use Reduction Institute showed that while water-based products contain toxic ingredients, they still have many benefits, including:

* They usually produce much lower levels of vapor in the air, making them safer than oil-based finishes.

* Some water-based finishes dry faster, allowing companies to complete more jobs in less time.

* High-quality water-based finishes are more durable than oil-based finishes.

Becker Acroma waterborne stains offer a trio of advantages: they produce beautiful finishes, they come in a broad choice of effects and by reducing solvent emissions, they are better for the environment. Our range of waterborne stains can be adapted for all types of application methods and are a simple and costefficient way of achieving appealing finishes.

Our waterborne stains come in almost every imaginable colour, are fast drying and can be used on all types of wood substrate.

Solventborne stains

Our range of solventborne stains comprises fast drying stains, producing beautiful finishes. The solvents used in these stains are ethanol and esters – no aromatic hydrocarbons or heavy metals

This newest urethane/acrylic from Grafted Coatings. KTM-9 is a self-cross-linking product and does not require any additives. It has the advantage of fast curing, the ability to be brushed on, is non-toxic, and cleans up easily. Further, it has superior clarity and depth, and once cured and buffed out it is almost indistinguishable from nitrocellulose lacquer. It can be quickly cured using infrared heat lamps if there is a need for speed. A quart will finish from 4 to 6 guitars. Because of its non-toxic nature, KTM can be shipped anywhere by any means with no special cost or labeling


Poly-Soy is an eco-friendly alternative to toxic solvent content topcoat systems. It does not contain hazardous ingredients nor does it contribute to lingering toxic odors, allowing for a safer installation and safer return to service for building occupants.

This innovative bio-based chemistry helps green builders meet LEED criteria for low-emitting materials and renewable resource material content. It also enables woodworking and other product manufacturers toreduce hazardous material inventory and to comply with the increasing VOC regulations where durable clear topcoat finishes are required.


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