April 3, 2008

Eco-friendly Clothing Lines

by Tracy Johnson

Relative website that lists a variety of eco-friendly clothing lines


• Sweatshop-free organic linen, cotton, and hemp clothing and hemp products made in USA, Canada, & Europe under fair labor conditions.

• do not carry clothing made from soy (issues with Genetically Modified Organisms — GMOs — and pesticides and chemical fertilizers), bamboo (issues with chemicals and acids in the manufacturing process), PET (recycled soda bottles: issues with outgassing and chemicals), or wood fiber (made from new wood, plus acids & chemicals in processing).

• hemp products are made from certified organic European hemp

2. Blue

• organic cotton clothing made entirely in the USA

• practices are based on a lifestyle committed to living lightly on the earth, following good sense rather than trends, supporting sustainability, recycling and non-chemical alternatives


• organically grown cotton apparel

• The cotton is grown by small farms in Texas, Northern California and North Carolina and then is woven or knit into fabric by textile mills in North and South Carolina

• “Our goal is to work in harmony with people here and abroad to help restore integrity and justice, health and balance to Planet Earth”


• outdoor clothing company

• believes ‘sustainable fabric’ is one that leaves the least impact throughout it’s lifespan of creation, through it’s long life, and once it reaches it’s life’s end

• 3 concepts utlitized in sustainable clothing line: energy and resources used to create a fabric, use of restricted substance list to help push safe highperformance fabrics forward, and traceability in knowing where fabrics are created and reducing impacts in shipping as well as carbon offsets

5. Earth

• organic cotton and hemp clothing

• have revived an ancient dyeing process that combines clays with natural fibers such as hemp, linen, cotton, and organic cotton

• fibers are sustainable, garments made in USA, clay dyes are natural

This site is a compilation of the topmost healthiest options of products in the market today. It has been compiled by Golden Gate School of Feng Shui’s graduating class of 2008.

When researching these products, our students have thought holistically, looking at the broader versions of health, including the company’s practice. They have considered:

~ is it local?

~ is it fair trade?

~ is it organic?

~ is it non-toxic?

~ is it “green”?

We have compiled this list so that all may benefit from each other’s research.


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