Children’s Toys

April 3, 2008


by Sara Mossman

Stores in the Bay Area

The Ark

3845 24th St, San Francisco – (415) 821-1257

812 4th St, Berkeley – (510) 849-1930

A family-owned business that has been a Bay Area landmark for the last ten years, with stores in San Francisco and Berkeley. Specialties are classic, imported, Waldorf-inspired, wooden and just all-around fun toys.

Natural Resources

1367 Valencia St. (at 25th St.) San Francisco, CA 94110

415 550 2611

Carefully selected retail products including infant toys, a wide variety of classes on childbirth and early parenting, new parent support groups, memberships and breastpump and birth tub rentals.

Global Exchange

3 locations and online shopping available:

4018 24th Street (near Noe) San Francisco CA 94114 415-648-8068

2840 College Avenue (at Russell) Berkeley CA 94705 510-548-0370

3508 SE Hawthorne Boulevard, Portland OR 97214 503-234-4049

Global Exchange sells fair trade socially conscious, sweatshop-free, environmentally sustainable gifts including beautiful and imaginative imported toys.


Honeysuckle Dreams is dedicated to the creation of beautiful, lovingly handmade 100% ORGANIC COTTON dolls, stuffed animals, quilts and pillows with botanically-dyed fabric and thread colors. All made at home in Maryland.

Tumbleweed Puzzles are colorful, educational, and fun for kids, and are made and finished with non-toxic materials and FSC-certified wood (wood from sustainably-managed forests as opposed to old-growth, intact ecosystems). Produced by hand in Western Oregon by a small team of artisans.

Organic Gift Shop specializes in natural and organic toys and clothes for babies. No products from China. Mostly German or US-made.

Natural toys, wooden toys and organic toys for creative and imaginative play. They evaluate a toy based on its play value, quality, integrity, and impact on the environment.

A small home-based business located on the Olympic Peninsula in Washington. They evaluate environmental impacts, workplace and labor issues. “We feel that toys produced under conditions that are fair for workers and that has a positive effect on the environment will also carry with them an inherent spirit that is good for our children, and good for their future”.

A member of the organic trade association and winner of Co-op America’s “Green Business of the Year” award (2005) . Located in Massachusetts.

Chess ($50), checkers ($50), dominoes ($17) or Nine Man’s Morris ($50) made from recycled wood.

PVC- and phthalate-free. ABS is non-toxic, less prone to discoloration and warping, and is also more resistant to heat, acids, salt, and other chemicals than cellulose acetate. Lego was invented in Denmark. Lego toys are manufactured in various facilities, primarily Denmark, the Czech Republic, and Mexico. The Lego Group is a family-owned company based in Denmark. The word Lego is derived from the Danish words leg and godt, which basically mean “play well.”

A family making high quality, non-toxic wooden toys at affordable prices for children of all ages since 1979.

A green business that offers simple toys to stimulate creative, imaginative play

• Environmental sustainability is top priority for us

• Toys are for kids, not just of this generations, but for generations to come. We want to protect our planet for these future generations

• We recycle our paper

• We use recycled packaging whenever possible

• We print on recycled paper and use vegetable-based inks for large printing jobs

• Our saw dust is used to supplement compost and for chickens

• Wood-scraps are donated to schools for art projects and used for kindling

• We use only American hard woods

• We use food grade mineral oil to finish our toys

• 100 percent of electricity that runs our shop comes from wind and/or solar energy

Includes 250 other children’s books about nature and the environment – has done extensive research about PVC (and related heavy metal content) in toys. They post indepth articles and sell a list of toys made in America.

scented pencils made from recycled newspaper.


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