Cell Phones

April 3, 2008

Cell Phones and Electromagnetic Radiation

by Peggy Nederlof

The harm caused by wireless emissions is a matter of proven science, which indicates a wide variety of harm to many animal and plant species, including to humans. The first cell phones were introduced in 1984. By 2004, we reached one billion cell phones. It only took eighteen months to reach the second billion, and it only took nine months to reach the third billion. And to get to four billion cell phones – six months! Cell phone use is pervasive.

That makes your personal use even far more of a concern. Why? Your total radiation exposure is rapidly increasing — even if you don’t use a cell phone. And when you add your personal exposure, it only compounds the problem.

The emission of EMR (electromagnetic radiation) from cell phones continues to become a growing concern. However, you’ll not hear the large wireless corporations or the federal government publicly talking about cell phone EMR emission issues.

Ways to minimize effects of cell phone emissions:

1) Use your cell phone on speakerphone. While this is a great solution, it’s simply not practical much of the time. Especially if you are in a public place where rules of discretion and proper etiquette prevail. Another problem is that not all cell phones have speakerphones — and even those that do may have poor sound quality. If you are choosing a new cell phone, make sure it comes with a speakerphone option.

2) Always keep your phone as far away from your body as possible. There’s a dramatic drop-off in radiation exposure for every inch you keep your phone away from your body.

3) Limit your cell phone use to the bare minimum. Your cell phone is constantly searching for signals and emitting EMR while you’re using it.

4) Turn off your cell phone when not needed OR keep it a few feet away from your body. Even when not in use, as long as your phone is turned on, it continually emits EMR as it connects to its base station.

5) Use a headset, such as Blue Tube Headset or Waveshield RF 1000 Headset. There is some new evidence suggesting that other headsets with wiring may actually increase the amount of radiation emitted. The main advantage of using an air tube headset, like the Blue Tube (not Blue Tooth), comes from incorporating an acoustic exchange principle (similar to a doctor’s stethoscope) to eliminate using a wire all the way to a headset earpiece that can emit microwaves.

6) Use other devices to mitigate the damaging effects. *Nanovibe pendants and music – uses harmonic energy


(I am a certified retail seller of these products.- pn)

*Earthcalm Scalar Resonator – personal bracelet/pendant and home protection


*Cell Phone Diode – placed on the phone and other appliances


*Blue Tube Headset


*WaveShield RF 1000 Headset Earpiece – wireless stethoscopic technology

*WaveShield 2000 Gold- reduces strength of EMR from cell phone ear pieces


*Rejuvenizers – psychically encoded pendants and rings to provide healing and protection


Cell phones themselves and the companies that make them:


In October 2007 the Center for Environmental Health said it will be initiating legal action against Apple Computer for unsafe levels of phthalates in their iPhone.

According to spokesperson Charles Margulis, the levels of phthalates (a group of chemical compounds that are mainly used as “plasticizers,” i.e., substances that increase flexibility) in the iPhone are in violation of California law, specifically Proposition 65. If Apple does not enter into a binding agreement to both recall the iPhones it has already sold, as well as provide clear and reasonable warnings for future shipped iPhones, the CEH says it will file a citizen enforcement lawsuit — which would allow impacted citizens to be full participants in the litigation and the resulting negotiation and settlement process.

Nokia & Motorola – both have recycling-friendly phone models with fewer toxic components.

Nokia is working with World Wildlife Federation to bring environmental awareness to Nokia employees and to find new ways to enhance Nokia’s environmental performance and support WWF’s nature conservation goals. Nokia’s current environmental focus areas are energy issues, substance management and take back & recycling. WWF will support Nokia in this work over the coming three years, with environmental awareness building of Nokia employees remaining a key role. Nokia will also pilot WWF’s One Planet Business concept, which aims to reduce companies’ environmental impact.

Credo Mobile – They do not manufacture cell phones, but since 1985 their parent company, Working Assets, has provided long distance, credit card and mobile services. It gives 1% of their customers’ charges to progressive nonprofits like Planned Parenthood, Rainforest Action Network, Human Rights Watch, the ACLU, and others. They have donated $56 million to progressive nonprofits — at no extra cost to the customers. They partner with Collective Good to recycle your old phones at no cost. They also help to sponsor the Green Festival.

Cell Phone models with highest radiation levels

1. Motorola V120c: 1.55

2. Motorola V70: 1.55

3. Motorola P8767: 1.55

4. Motorola ST7868: 1.53

5. Motorola ST7868W: 1.53

6. Motorola A845: 1.51

7. Panasonic Allure: 1.51

8. Treo 650 GSM: 1.51

9. Sony Ericsson P910: 1.50

10. Ericsson T28 World: 1.49

11. Nokia 5170i: 1.49

12. Panasonic EB-TX210: 1.49

13. Panasonic EB-TX220: 1.49


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