Hybrid Cars

April 3, 2008

Hybrid Cars

by Suzanne Grocha

It seems that the new craze in cars is the Hybrid electric cars. With the rise in gas prices and the increased need for people to live in the country and work in the city which means more driving, it is no surprise that people want to know which hybrid is the best to invest in for the future.

If we are simply speaking miles per gallon and price the Honda Insight is the way to go. With an average of 57 mpg this lightweight, two door, two passenger hatchback is quite the deal at base price $22,080. Safety is pretty standard and after a few good upgrades it can be a sweet ride. Unfortunately for the Insight it didn’t really jump into the “in” crowd so it has stopped production. However, don’t fret. If you have your heart set of this car you can find 2006 models for sale, used.

Next in line is the ever so popular Toyota Prius. With an average of 53 miles to the gallon and a base price of $22,305. This not so attractive four door, five-passenger car is great for the family, small commute, energy efficient investment. At low speeds the car uses only electric energy so gas can last awhile. That’s always a good thing. However the power of this vehicle does tend to lack some kick on the highway.

If you aren’t one to take the leap from a traditional look of a car to the sometimes cheese wedge looking prius, don’t fret. Honda has provided us with a suitable competitor. The new Honda Civic Hybrid has the look of an original Civic with the benefits of a Hybrid. Averaging 51mpg at a base price of $22,745 for an ’06 and $23,195 for an ’07. The Civic is a bit more expensive than the Prius but for some, the regular look is well worth the extra cash.

Other options for hybrids have more power accompanied with a higher price tag. The Toyota Camry Hybrid at $26,820, average 40 mpg, the Nissan Altima Hybrid at $25,015, average 40mpg and the Lexus GS 450h at $55,615, average 28mpg. There are also Hybrid SUV options with more power, cargo space and versatility of use.

As the price increases in these cars the likeness to their all gasoline counter parts strengthen. With these options the transition to a hybrid is seamless and comfortable. If you would like more information on these cars I suggest you visit Car and Drivers website as well as the car companies wedsites and sales rooms. Test drives are a must. Never make a choice as large as this without exploring all aspects of all options.


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