Baby Cribs and Bedding

April 3, 2008

Topic: Baby Cribs and Bedding

by Ann-Elise Blaisdell

Objective: Select cribs that are of solid wood construction from environmentally conscious companies. Healthy bedding for baby is from organic fabrics which do not off gas, and companies provide information regarding origins of these fabrics. I live in Marin and shopped locally, however, websites are provided for online shopping and further inquiries.

Green Fusion

14 Greenfield Ave

San Anselmo, CA 94960


Green Fusion offers a great selection of natural products for the nursery. It can provide one-stop shopping for a natural and healthy nursery. Ask about “Baby Steps”, which is a specially priced package with up to 20% savings. Green Fusion commits to sell products which are beautiful and stylish, environmentally friendly and healthy, and are consciously manufactured and durable. Green Fusion researches the companies they buy from before it sells the products in the store.

Pacific Rim Woodworking

Beautifully crafted cribs from consciously harvested Western Maple. Check website’s “The Commitment” page for more info on Pacific Rim’s production.


Vivetique makes innerspring or natural latex mattresses which are made with organic cotton and wool. Company also makes organic cotton crib bedding. Adult mattresses also available.


Coyuchi offers organic baby clothing from fair trade cotton farmers in various parts of India. Beautiful website which provides the story.

The Natural Mattress Store

816 4th St

San Rafael, CA 94901


This is a new store here in Marin, and I went in and talked with a co-owner, Tom. He is approximately two months from having a selection of baby crib mattresses. The line of mattresses is their own, and it is called “Eco-Cloud.” I asked if the crib is of solid wood without any off gassing chemicals, and he said he did not know. He prides himself on being the only store in Northern Cali that focuses on just natural mattresses. The Natural Mattress Store is a local company (for me), which cuts back on ecological footprint. The store works with three factories in Southern California to make the mattresses, but I do not know where he buys the wool and organic cotton to make the mattresses. The Natural Mattress Store has a line of crib bedding from organic wool, made by a company named Holy Lamb.

Holy Lamb

Washington-based company that makes organic wool bedding.


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